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what's the craic?


nestled in eclectic southeast portland’s own springwater cart park, claddagh coffee company stands as a captivating woman-owned irish-themed coffee bar, infused with the vibrant spirit of county cork. raylin hurley, the proud owner and a county cork native, alongside her longtime partner tristan dexter, has curated an atmosphere that seamlessly blends the charm of irish culture with the artistic essence of portland. together, they have a combined fifteen years of coffee experience.


claddagh coffee company, named after the iconic irish claddagh symbol representing love, loyalty, and friendship, welcomes patrons with an inviting ambiance. the interior features a harmonious mix of rustic irish elements and the pnw’s love of greenery, creating a space that is both cozy and trendy. the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, sourced from longbottom coffee & tea, fills the air alongside the tempting scent of vegan and gluten free certified goods made from local companies.

raylin and tristan’s personal touches are evident in the menu, which offers a delightful array of beverages, including the “dublin spiced chai” and “emerald isle matcha”.


claddagh coffee company is proud to feature brands such as holy kakow, rishi chai, minor figures, califia, milk labs oatmeal, and monin syrups.

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meet the owners

raylin and tristan became friends in late 2017 when they met at starbucks. little did they know where they would end up.

tristan has extensive experience in hospitality, including managing many high volume restaurants and cafes over the years.

in his spare time, he likes to spend time with his family (both human and cat), hit the bowling lanes, watch documentaries with raylin on the couch, and sing in the shower...also outside of the shower, too. his favorite animal is a wolf and his favorite film is "tombstone". 

tristan recommends trying our cold brew shaker with oat milk and vanilla.

raylin recieved her associates degree in english from arizona state university, and she has been working in coffee since her very first job out of high school. in her spare time, she likes to watch the latest seasons of rupaul's drag race, make fun cocktails for her friends, and read horror novels. her favorite animal is a fox, and her favorite series is "better call saul". duh. 

raylin recommends an iced, almond milk latte with rose and honey.

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